Tiny Pretty Things is a ballet-plus-murder drama that’s now available on Netflix. The series is based on Sona Charaipotra’s book and Dhonielle Clay’s novel. It follows the story of the Archer School of Ballet’s teenage students, who are caught up in the mysterious fall of a star dancer from a roof. We’re talking about Center Stage and Pretty Little Liars. Expect lots of spandex and leotards, legwarmers, etc.

While sweatsuits, as well as other athleisurewear, were big trends for 2020, they are not surprising in a show where the young adults who star in it dance five hours per day, work out, and hang out in dorms. Tiny Pretty Things is a great source of wardrobe inspiration because it’s the other styles that have been big over the past six months, such as stirrup leggings and tennis skirts. If logo tights didn’t cause dance instructors to get agitated, then they wouldn’t be able to wear them with this fashion-forward crew.

Here are the comfort-oriented, trend-forward looks that we will be creating after watching the series.

Indoor UGG boots

Archer’s latest addition, Neveah, is the school’s fashion-forward student. She was brought in to replace the student who fell from the building. As we stay home, the unitard and slipper-like boots she wears to practice outside of class are perfect. They’re also very fashionable for 2020.

brown and white fur boots

Lingerie as outerwear

Exposed lingerie is a popular trend on Instagram, especially during stay-at home orders. This look by June (Daniela Norman), featuring high-rise knickers with a soft bralette, would be perfect for the grid.

woman in white dress walking on sidewalk during daytime

Tennis skirts

The U.S. Open was different this year. However, tennis fashion is still in style with the popularity of pleated athletic skorts. It’s nice to see the skirt and top in matching colors.

ballerina standing on one foot tiptoeing at the city bay during day

Bicycle shorts

This year, bike shorts are everywhere. The June look will allow you to go from work to the gym without the need for a parka and vice versa.

woman in black tank top and black shorts standing beside black bicycle during daytime

Zoom tops

Zoom has brought back the going-out top, which can be worn with the above tennis skirts.

woman in green spaghetti strap top and blue denim jeans

Wide shorts

Archer’s teacher is yelling at Neveah because she wears “junk,” which are articles of clothing that cover dancers’ limbs. Since March, our WFH uniform has been athletic knee-length shorts. They won’t be going anywhere. The tights-underneath style will be borrowed by us.

man and woman standing beside each other in grayscale photography

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