Ted Baker, a luxury lifestyle brand, has launched via Secret Sales, an e-commerce multi-brand site that sells various brands. Secret Sales offers past season stock to help avoid product waste.

Ted Baker will be able to develop a long-term, non-full-price strategy using Secret Sales’ UK digital outlet website. The label launched with 800 discounted price lines and stated that it will be the only marketplace channel.

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Ted Baker maintains control over its brand through the website. He manages product selection, pricing, and copy.

Chris Griffin, Secret Sales CEO, stated that Ted Baker required a fashion-specific, curated approach that allows for a smooth exit for lines with lower prices. Ted Baker can now manage surplus stock sustainably by adding a secondary channel to the ecosystem. This is where it can sell aged inventory directly to consumers in an upward market environment.

Ted Baker joins Dolce & Gabbana, DSquared2 and 700 other luxury and high-street brands are optimizing the use of the ecommerce marketplace. The site allows retailers to connect their supply chains and inventory systems, eliminating the need to transfer stock to third-party sellers.

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Gavin Richards, Ted Baker’s head of commercial stock, says that Secret Sales was a natural extension to Ted Baker’s e-commerce operations. “It allows us to sell surplus stock, while also supporting cash generation and maintaining brand equity. We are able to offer our customers the opportunity to remain in touch with us, which allows us to be introduced to new full-price clients.”

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