Foil highlights might be the best option if you are thinking of going blonder this fall. Salons all across the country are experiencing a surge in demand for a low-maintenance blonde balayage, which Karissa Schaudt from Chicago calls a “pearly gold.”

Schaudt says, “The look is both effortless yet screams chic.” She says the best thing about it is that you can spare you from going to your salon for several months. It’s perfect for clients who are low-maintenance. Ask for classic blonde balayage, with minimal toning and placed slightly off of the root. After a few months, the warm reflective blonde will have a faded look.

Schaudt cites Katherine Langford as an example of pearly-gold balayage for a celebrity. Schaudt said that she wears red and brown well, but this natural, pearly blonde is stunning for summer/fall.

woman wearing lace halter top and blue denim jeans

If you wear a bouncy, pearlescent hairstyle like Jennifer Lopez, a reflective blonde will look more expensive.

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Schaudt suggests that you ask your colorist to do full balayage if you have curly hair. This will ensure that the sun-brightening blonde covers all the ends and mid-shafts of your curls.

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Cody Cross, a NYC-based colorist shows you how to transform a natural brunette into a pearly golden hue using strategic face-framing blonde Balayage.

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Lena Ott, colorist, shows how a golden brown hair looks even cooler when paired with a dark eyebrow and a grown-out root.

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The golden blonde shines with a naturally dark brunette background.

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