The North Face, the outdoorwear giant, has announced a collaboration with Shantell Martin, a British visual artist. The two have co-designed a new line of expedition gear and sportswear.

These items are inspired by archival pieces from the brand’s Search and Rescue collection. The original designs were created for search and rescue mountain teams. Designs use material technology to ensure safety. The artist recreates the collection with her illustrations in several of the designs.

man in black and red zip up jacket and orange knit cap

You can choose to have your items in a plain color or Martin’s black and white linear illustration style. This option is available for six designs in the collection.

Jogging trousers, fleeces and fleeces are all available. These pieces were created as an extension of the brand’s original Search and Rescue edit. The collection’s heart is the Oversized Sherpa Fleece. It is made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester.

person raising left hand

The North Face has launched an online store with photos of Martin wearing different items and interactive imagery.

Martin explains in the video that accompanies the collection, “The particular drawing I did for this, it’s about the idea of challenging yourself, climbing, and expressing your self in life. Searching is a difficult task but it is also a great way to rescue. Recovering is revealing, making things transparent and making them accountable. It is accepting the reality of things and seeing them as they are.”

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