This is the first New York Fashion Week in person since Pre-COVID-19 NYFW in February 2020. Many are looking forward to what many consider the “fashion family reunion”, which saw many fashionistas and fashionistos descend upon New York City. How will this New York Fashion Week look?

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  1. No Standing Room attendees

Fashion Week’s first-timers, bloggers and micro-influencers can no longer count on getting at most a seat to an emerging designer show. The expected outcome is a more intimate and salon-like show, just like New York Fashion Week in the ’90s. No longer are New York Fashion Week shows as crowded and packed as Wrestlemania stadiums.

  1. Additional Off-Site Shows

Spring Studios remains the main venue for New York Fashion Week. However, many designers prefer to present shows and presentations elsewhere to simplify their guest lists and ensure they have valid vaccination cards. Long-time Fashion Week attendees have complained for years that Spring Studios wasn’t a practical venue. Many of them are happy to move on to other venues. That will mean a lot of running around in the city.

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  1. Fashion editors are back at the shows

Fashion Week’s front rows were once dominated by top fashion editors. They governed which brands would be the dominant force for the year. As time went on, editors were replaced with bloggers and social media influencers. This led to the fact that many of these top fashion editors could not be found at select shows for top designers. Fashion editors will once again be the top invitees, despite the “rebooting” of New York Fashion Week.

  1. Celebrities returning to the shows

Bryant Park and Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week were a place where stars could sit next to fashion editors. New York Fashion Week has lost its celebrity status in recent years. However, the Met Gala is now a part of New York Fashion Week and there will be many A-listers in town. Fashion publicists will be paying attention to ensure their brands shine brightly like diamonds.

  1. More collaborations in fashion

Limited-edition fashion collaborations can be a great way to attract people to your site and get them shopping. Willy Chavarria and Christian Cowan, who are well-known for their fashion collaborations, will be exhibiting at New York Fashion Week. There is no shortage of fashion collaborations. This is one way to get people talking about you brand.

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