Arket, a sustainable fashion retailer, has launched The Nordic Outdoors collection for men and women to celebrate nature and the wilderness.

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Items from the collection were photographed in the Swedish countryside, which is the home of the company. The pieces are made from natural and recycled materials as well as polyester blends. These fabrics aim to provide both breathability, and protection for the wearer.

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The collection’s main component is outerwear, which includes natural wool knits and a jacket made of fleece. In a press release, the retailer stated that the collection aims to offer outfits that can be worn every day and bring shoppers into autumn with “insulating but lightweight” items. The quilted jacket, which is designed to be packed easily for city or natural environments, is one example.

The Nordic Outdoors also offers a variety of accessories, including shoes, bags, and hats made from leather and wool responsibly sourced.

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Arket, part the H&M group of brands, has committed to being a 100% sustainable brand since its inception in 2017. The retailer regularly drops natural and recycled collections while remaining transparent about its supply chain. It has worked previously with Natural Material Suppliers Re:Down and Econyl yarn producer Aquafil, and Bottinelli is a family-owned weaving company.

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