The low rise jean has been a topic of disdain for the past two decades. The infamous low-rise jean was once a staple of early-aughts jeans. It is now a stymied style that is often criticized for its incontinence. And yet, along with just about every other recently .revived trend from the turn of the millennium, the denim style defined by three-inch zippers (if not faux leather laces) and exposed G-strings is irrefutably back.

Are you still living in denial? According to digital shopping platform ShopStyle, searches for low-rise jeans have grown by 44%, compared to 2020, when the first inklings of a comeback appeared.

person in gray distressed pants

I wish I could have said this: Dear readers, low-rise pants are now a class that is much more manageable than the one before. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The majority of new fashion trends are more difficult to accept than ever before. This is because rises are so short that there was barely enough space for a belt loop. You low-rise haters will be astonished to hear that the V-pant is your worst nightmare.

The V-pant’s most distinctive feature is the waistband, which dips below the pubic area. This makes the style more transparent than the low-rise jeans of early aughts. V-pants first came to us courtesy of an array of Gen-Z favorite indie brands, ranging from Revice, a honeypot of Y2K denim, to Miaou, an Instagram-favorite destination for corsets, as well as ultra-low-rise faux leather kick flares. SKIMS and I.Am.Gia have also introduced variations of this trend in recent collections. Christopher Esber transformed the V-pant into an V-dress using a diamond-shaped cut-out that creates the illusion of a V shape waistline.

Lorde donned Esber’s V dress to perform on Good Morning America last month. This gave the bell-baring look her approval. Kim Kardashian wore a pair of light gray jersey bike shorts with a deep-V waistband and ruched sleeves for a recent SKIMS campaign. Her exact pair, from the Twist collection, is available now on for $42.

The V-pant is clearly gaining popularity fast. It is not clear if the V-pant will bring about an increase in Brazilian bikini waxes. But unlike the tight-fitting, thong-baring low-rise jeans from our past, which will never not be riddled with bad memories, this new style arrives en vogue with a blank slate. Instead of dismissing them, we are choosing to embrace the V-pant as it is, a way to showcase our bodies post-lockdown.

After 20 years of running from low-rise jeans, it’s now time to face your fears and maybe even buy a vajazzler.

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