Willy Chavarria, a designer from New York, juxtaposed glamour with grit for New York Fashion Week’s Spring-Summer 2022. Chavarria is well-known for his street style fashion interpretations and presented exaggerated silhouettes. The collection, called Cut Deep, was a reminder of the possibility that fashion can be and will be despite all the pain experienced during New York Fashion Week. Chavarria was recently promoted to senior director of menswear at Calvin Klein. He used this show to remind us how he got that job.

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NYFW: Willy Chavarria’s exaggerated proportions

Chavarria’s fashion approach is not ostentatious nor eccentric. Instead, he draws from his childhood experiences of seeing people wearing baggy pants and oversized tops and transforms them into streetwear. His show will take a more democratic approach to fashion and will be held at the Astor Place Hairstylists barbershop. The iconic barbershop was close to becoming a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a buyer saved it. Chavarria had a fashion show there. This was her first show since the pandemic.

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This collection was defined by exaggerated proportions. The models were seen wearing pants that reached waist height and sleeveless shirts that almost touched their wrists. The reality was magnified to volumes that were large but not too big, but easy to wear with a variety of colors and pieces that can be worn on the street. This collection was inspired by workwear and the fabrications reflected this idea. Chavarria’s amplified Reality, everyone was included.

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