Prabal Gurung’s spring/summer 2022 collection, which reimagines feminine silhouettes for modern American women, brings colour and energy into New York Fashion Week.

Prabal Gurung writes in his show notes spring/summer 2022, “America has always had a woman – but not always treated her beautifully.” “What does it mean to be the most important person in this country? What is femininity? What defines American? Who gets to be all of it?”

He then stated that he was inspired and motivated by 2020’s social movements, marches, protests, and legislative advocacy. The designer also asked himself what femininity is and reexamined notions of gender, nationality, and ethnicity.

His spring/summer 2022 campaign was based on the idea of femininity. It’s about shaping what’s beautiful.

Gurung adds, “I’ve always been inspired both by women and my feminine-leaning friend, those who boldly determine what ‘feminine” is in itself, how it’s shaped, who should be in control of her body, and which voices need to be heard to challenge any form of injustice.”

He took classics like the “power suit” to re-imagine them using a “new lens that encompasses confidence, boldness, fearlessness,” bright gingham petal cut and wrap minis, floral printed suits and utility blazers with floral printed hip hems teamed with matching floral trousers.

The collection had a youthful vibe to it, perhaps to appeal to an upcoming generation. There were bubble minidresses that show midriffs, eco-tulle gathered tops for the bust, and babydoll dresses with statement florals layered over highlighter-hued tops.

These fun and casual pieces were perfectly paired with his sporty-couture designs. He inncluded in the collection sweatshirts with Swarovski crystals embroidered on them and floral jacquard sweatshirts with matching hand-draped cascade shorts. This casual-luxe look was also complemented by sensual silk T-shirts, trucker jackets and highlighter yellow cashmere knit gowns with contrast pink handprinted seam details.

women's white and multicolored floral top

His modern take on glamour was the standout piece – the drop waist tea dresses with undone buttons and crisp white poplin. Also available in highlighter yellow gingham, blue and black floral embossed Cloque.

It is a ritual that I consider sacred and a way for us all to reflect on and rediscover our true selves. Gurung concludes, “Let that unapologetic self be the forefront.” “I dedicate this collection for those who are authentically and unabashedly themselves in mind, body, and spirit.”

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