Tiffany and Co., luxury jewelry brand, have released their 90-second “About Love” campaign film. Starring Jay-Z and Beyonce, the film centers on the couple’s 20-year-old relationship.

The film was directed by Emmanuel Adjei and features Beyonce singing ‘Moon River’ from 1961’s film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and Jay-Z capturing Beyonce on a Super 8 camera.

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Beyonce is seen wearing a variety of diamond-intensive pieces throughout the campaign film. The Tiffany Diamond is styled backwards as she plays the piano. The brand’s rich heritage is symbolized by the Tiffany Diamond, which is one of the most important gem discoveries of the 19th Century.

The campaign film features house icons such as Jean Schlumberger designs and the Tiffany T collection. Jay-Z is seen wearing Jean Schlumberger’s ‘Bird on a Rock’ brooch, which Tiffany artisans reimagined into a pair unique cufflinks.

American jewellery stated that the campaign was the result of close collaboration with Carters. The film was “stripped and raw” and captures Carters’ indescribable bond through stolen moments of intimacy. “It’s a story about longing and reunion – a bond that transcends time and space.”

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The campaign film will add to the global media activations which began September 15th, according to the jewellery brand in a release. Tiffany stated that the campaign would continue to unfold in the coming months with additional films by Dikayl Rimmasch, an acclaimed director, and Derek Milton, a second unit director. Tiffany and Co. About Love Scholarship was created as part of their partnership. Tiffany has partnered with Shawn Carter Foundation and BeyGood. Tiffany has committed 2 million dollars to support scholarship funding for students at historically black colleges and universities in the arts and creative areas.

The Tiffany and Co. About Love Scholarship is available to five small private schools as well as selected state schools in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas,  and Ohio.

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