After a summer of unpredictable weather, the sun finally came out just in the right time for Berlin Fashion Week. This allowed the runway shows and events to show the hot looks of the day.

We compiled the top street style trends in Berlin in this article.

Statement hats, plateau shoes

Wide-brimmed hats are not only great for protecting you from the sun, but they also make a statement. Matching headgear is possible depending on your outfit and style. You have many options: you can choose from a variety of shapes, colours, sizes, and materials.

For a minimalist look, lace bonnets were paired with pastel outfits just as well as bright black puffer hats. It isn’t just a broad-brimmed sunhat that makes bright ensembles pop. Plateau shoes, which range from plush to pistachio, also add the right accents.

man with his hand on pocket walking near buildings

Trendy skirts for men

Menswear is changing, just like fashion in general. In some cases it has become more androgynous. Men are increasingly wearing skirts, and not just Irish kilts. The trend is being led by stars like actor Harry Styles and actor Jaden Smith. Some fans were even spotted in Berlin.

Skirts can be seen from the ankles to just above the knee. Also striking were the pleats, which could be either pale pink or not so obvious black.

man wearing black jacket

Light weight coats without sleeves

The sunny weather aside, Berliners were still skeptical about the durability of the sun. Many complemented their looks with lightweight coats with or without sleeves. It was all there, from blazer coats and workwear to it.

Colours galore

While many wore black on black as the standard dress code, others didn’t let colour stop them from attending Berlin Fashion Week. Some preferred bright, bold colours and striking looks. Others prefer subtle transitions between pastel shades or elegant high heels.

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