Pepe Jeans, a London denim brand, has revealed its new campaign and collection. It is centered around the power and union and features Brooklyn Beckham, a British photographer, and Nicola Peltz, an American actress.

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Just Us is the second collaboration between Pepejeans and Beckham. Beckham shares the screen with his fiancĂ©e in a shoot that aims to shine a spotlight onto their relationship. Luigi and Iango, a photography duo, took a series intimate photos. Zhamak Fullad, an artist, captured campaign videos. The denim label considers them to be “one of most authentic couples of their generation”.

The soon-to be married couple are dressed in the brand’s AW21 collection, which includes denim overalls and a quilted branded jacket. They also have classic Pepe Jeans logo tshirts and accessories.

Peltz said that she has always loved the brand and enjoyed its advertising campaigns. This made it an easy decision to participate in the campaign. “Pepe jeans are my favourite jeans, so it was logical to partner with a brand I already love and use.”

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At the tender age of 16, Beckham was able to establish his reputation as a photographer when he took part in a Burberry debut shoot. Beckham, the son and footballer David Beckham, has faced a lot of criticism for his role in the industry five years later. Pepe Jeans chose Beckham to be the face of its Wiser Future campaign, which was self-shot by the photographer and directed by him. This campaign was meant to showcase the brand’s Wiser Wash’ jeans.

Today is the launch date for the new campaign. Images and videos will be shared on social media platforms, platforms, and with selected partners by Pepe Jeans.

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