Ganni, a Copenhagen fashion brand, has unveiled a new season collection that is entirely made from recycled and reprocessed material from previous Ganni pieces.

The collection featured 22 styles. The label aimed for a “responsible transition to the new season” by using unworn fabrics and unsold garments that were reworked into new products. Re-Cut brings back past designs, such as patchwork dresses, tank sweaters, and quilted jackets, and includes a variety of skirts, pants, and sleeves.

This idea was born during pandemic lockdowns, which prompted the fashion house’s exploration of new ways to create fresh collections without having to produce new items.

Ditte Reffstrup, Ganni’s creative director said, “Working with prints and fabrics from previous seasons is a special challenge. I love it.” “I reinterpreted iconic silhouettes using contrasting prints and different fabrics for this collection by looking through our archives. It feels like a friend meeting old friends. It’s Ganni all the way.”

Re-Cut closely follows Ganni’s collaboration with Ahluwalia (London-based label), where they worked closely together to create a collection that reimagined Ganni’s surplus stock. The capsule featured a collection of patchwork leather and zebra prints that aimed to promote Ganni’s upcycling efforts.

assorted-color textiles

The Re-Cut collection features signature Ganni prints, including its leopard and checked prints. These prints can be used in conjunction with other garments or stand alone. The collection is also characterized by babydoll dresses and peter pan collars. It can also be found online at the brand’s website, as it transitions into autumn.

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