Collina Strada chose Brooklyn Grange’s rooftop garden as her tribute to the Y2K skater girls.

The catwalk show was full of energy. Many models walked the catwalk in pairs while laughing, hugging and plucking carrots off the ground. The collection was full of bright colours, including orange, green and blue, to encourage us to get dressed up again.

It’s a chaotic period. Collina Strada’s Hillary Taymour explains in the show notes that the world is changing, and so are we. “You should dress for the mess, print after print, layer upon layer.”

The spring/summer 2022 issue, entitled “Snails Pace”, was a tribute and celebration of Y2K skater girls. It also featured floral and doodle prints on cargo trousers, vests, and dresses.

The collection is committed to sustainability with pieces made from upcycled or recycled materials, deadstock fabrics and upcycled fabrics. Taymour also strives to use ethical materials and business practices whenever possible.

Highlights included a collection of draped midi skirts made from vintage wedding dresses, cargo pants, and asymmetrical bodysuits with vibrant colours and floral prints. There was also sculpted horse and beetle corsets. A denim collaboration was held with Levi’s, featuring jeans with doodles and stars as well as sustainable swimwear and recycled jewelry.

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