Pantone, the global authority in color, has released the color trend report for London Fashion Week’s spring/summer 2022 season. It predicts that designers will use colors that combine “sentiments of simplicity and spontaneity” as a way to express themselves.

Pantone predicts that London Fashion Week will see designers choose colors that are both natural and comforting. They will use lighthearted pastels and bright colors that are visually striking and appealing to the eye.

Trend forecasting and color consultancy selected ten standout colors and five core colors, including a bright and cheerful yellow and a playful rose, as well as pastel hues and sharp lime greens.

Pantone describes this palette as a color palette that captures “complement and contradiction” and encourages “playful creativity, unconstrained expression, and a life-giving spirit”.

Leatrice Eiseman is the executive director of Pantone Color Institute. She stated in a statement that “our use of color has to do with the cultural mood. We are exploring a new future and looking for ways to do something entirely different.”

“Colors that express our need to be free from the confines of the norm satisfy our intense desire for unrestrained creativity and visual expression as we enter this time.”

Pantone spring/summer 2022 London Fashion Week color palette

assorted flowers photo

Pantone 14-5713 “Cascade” is a cool, refreshing green.

Pantone 16-1349 “Coral Rose” is a vibrant floral tone that exudes excitement.

Pantone 18-4143 “Super Sonic” is a bright blue that is “electrically intense”.

Pantone 12-0825 “Popcorn” is a bright, cheery yellow that radiates warmth.

Pantone 13-04 ‘Potpourri’ is a cheerful and carefree pastel pink.

Pantone 17-1928 “Bubblegum” is a bright, eye-catching pink that conveys playfulness and optimism.

Pantone 18-1160 “Sudan Brown” is an earthy, naturally rich brown that’s tied to the great outdoors.

Pantone 15-0549 “Fragile Spring” is a bright, acidic lime green which is visually striking.

Pantone 14-3612 “Orchid Bloom” is a color that reminds us of our increased love for flowers.

Pantone 18-1307 “Coffee Quartz” is a flavorful brown that combines the simple and the glamorous.

Pantone spring/summer 2022 classic Pantone colors for LFW

Pantone says that the ten most popular colors for LFW are paired with five timeless hues “whose versatility conveys longevity”, adding that they also have five classics.

white red green and yellow concrete building

Pantone 11-1001 “White Alyssum” is a clear and clarifying white that cuts through chaos and addresses a “desire to easy and effortless simplicity.”

Pantone 15-1304 “Humus” is a delicious, practical classic that promotes a comfortable mood of well-being.

Pantone 15-6316 “Fair Green” is a restorative and calming green.

Pantone 14-4104 “Northern Droplet” is a pale gray that instills tranquility.

Pantone 18-4004 “Poppy Seed” is a deep gray that evokes timeless familiarity.

SS22 London Fashion Week vs New York Fashion Week

Pantone’s spring/summer 2022 color trend report follows its forecasts for New York Fashion Week earlier this month, which includes sweet mild pastels shades, as well as a brilliant yellow, a hot-pink, and a fiery red, as well as a deep purple and calm hues.

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