Uniqlo, a global apparel retailer, announced its first partnership with Japanese brand White Mountaineering. The result is the outdoor collection “Uniqlo and White Mountaineering”, which will be available starting 28 October 2021.

Yosuke Aizawa, designer, said that “I thought a lot about my ideals as an designer and how I could use the detailing for outdoor articles and sportswear I’d created at White Mountaineering to create Uniqlo wear for everyone.”

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“I design clothing around the principle that people move. I thought carefully about patterns and designs that would not add stress to wear.” He said that he believes we have created a new line of everyday wear that can be worn anywhere.

Uniqlo’s LifeWear concept is merged with Aizawa’s family theme to create the joint collection. The nine items are available for children, men and women.

Uniqlo says, “The collection is based on designs that everyone can wear and uses silhouettes to suit any setting.”

There are many options for light down jackets, hybrid parkas, and fleece pullovers. The prices range from 35 to 110 euro (around 30 to 95 British Pounds/41 to130 US Dollars).

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Yosuke Aizawa, a Tama Art University graduate with a degree as a textile designer, founded White Mountaineering in 2006. The outdoor brand aims to blend design, utility, and technology. White Mountaineering has been exhibiting collections at Paris Fashion Week since 2016. Aizawa has worked with a number of international brands, including Moncler W and Barbour. Aizawa is also a visiting professor in Tama Art University, Hachioji (Tokio).

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