The razor-fine lines that run horizontally across my forehead became less emotion-activated during the pandemic years. They no longer appear when I raise my eyebrows, but just sit there all the time. When I began taking summer vacation selfies, I noticed that my eyebrows are relaxed but the lines on my forehead are still there.

I thought the indented lines, though faint, might have been in my head and not on my forehead at 26 years old. (Of course wrinkles aren’t necessarily bad. It’s up to each individual to decide how they treat them.) They’re something that I would rather not have right now. However, at my first facial since 2019, esthetician Georgia Louise immediately noted that my forehead skin was “very, very dry,” which is a strange thing to hear when it’s 80 degrees and humid in New York City, and therefore “especially prone to creasing and cracking.” These words of frustration from Cate Blanchett’s cosmetologist prompted me to think about where I could go for some baby Botox.

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Louise, a skilled esthetician, was not interested in selling Botox to me. Instead, she gave me sound advice about how to delay injections and soften fine lines by making some minor tweaks in my skin-care routine.

Start Skin Care at The Forehead

Living with dry, fair skin, my daily routine includes a plumping essence, hyaluronic acid serum, moisturizer, antioxidant-rich oil, and of course, SPF. Louise agreed that my skin-care products were hydrating and protective. She then asked me how I apply them to my face.

It occurred to me that I usually squeeze, pump, or pipette the product onto my fingers. Then, I instinctively press the product into my my cheeks and nose. “See, you want to be pressing your products into your forehead first,” Louise explains. It covers a lot of surface, from your eyebrows to your hairline. You want to pay attention to it and use lots of product. Do not sweep the product that’s still on your forehead with your fingers. Instead, work from there.”

Press and Lift

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Louise also believes in finger-to-face movement. She is a big advocate of facial massage. This includes upward and otside lifting. She reminds me that pressing the products into your skin in upward movement will result in lifting up. And of course, you should never press down.

Apply some eye cream to the forehead

Another tip that I found helpful, but never remembered to use: Use eye cream on your forehead. Louise says that people with thin skin around their eyes often have the same problem with their forehead skin. It is easy to use your eye cream to treat any forehead wrinkles. It will add collagen to smoothen lines.

Take A Collagen Supplement

Hydration is key so you should drink lots of water. But Louise says that mixing in a collagen supplement could potentially be helpful. Louise suggests that you try a marine collagen supplement if you were me. A collagen supplement is a good option to maintain skin’s elasticity, as well as preventing rapid collagen loss.


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Louise suggests a different way to look at forehead lines. She says, “Now that your forehead skin is susceptible of creasing, it’s possible to be more mindful of how your face moves to ensure your frontalis muscles don’t get too activated. Expression is fine, but when you are relaxed, be aware of not allowing tension to build up in your forehead.”

Although I am certain that Botox will be in my future, I now have some tricks to help treat the two lines I have. It might seem like it delays the inevitable but the price of Botox and my general cynicism about preventive beauty treatments, I will forgo “preventative” injections and instead pay more attention to my forehead.

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