Balenciaga, a French fashion house, has teamed up with Fortnite online video game to launch a digital as well as physical collection.

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Fortnite is a game developed by an American video game developer Epic Games. The brand’s high-fashion collection will be brought into the virtual world by Fortnite. The items available for gamers are based upon a real Balenciaga collection, created in collaboration with Fortnite.

The physical collection includes T-shirts and hoodies as well as sweatshirts, shirts and sweatshirts. Each design features a logo combination from the two partners. The digital side of the collection includes a matching hoodie and a catsuit as well as shorts, t-shirts, shorts, and accessories such a backpack.

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All Fortnite players can now purchase virtual apparel in the game’s item shop. You can also go into an in-game Balenciaga shop and do the brand’s dance, which was created specifically for Fortnite.

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