Simone Rocha, an Irish designer, was inspired by the development of a mother-daughter partnership and created a spring/summer collection of proportions and childlike wonder.

The show was held in London’s St. Bartholomew Church. It was a fitting setting for the whimsical collection. There were pieces that resembled communion dresses with intricate embroidery and satin ties. Rocha’s trademark design elements were prominent throughout, including puff-sleeved dresses with a dramatic tulle and bold pieces that featured pearls and other jewels.

two women in beige dresses

The collection featured delicate embellishments and large ruffles that contrasted with the dark side of motherhood. Distress, sleepless nights and general despair were represented by mismatched clothing and dishevelled styling. There was also a selection nightgowns that were loosely hung on models’ frames. Additional attributes to mothers’ experiences included quilted jackets or dresses that mirror the bedding.

Layering added complexity to many looks by either filling in the frame of the dress or creating a more figure-distorting silhouette. One model wore a loose-fitted blazer that was layered under an embellished bralette. The skirt was finished off with a wide, tulle skirt. As a further reference to the overall theme, others wore robe-like or drop shoulder cardigans.

mannequin wearing lace dress

Accessory pairings were more striking than the delicate ones. The floaty dresses were given a more structured edge by lace-up boots. Some models also carried large, structured, clasped bags that added textural elements. As an alternative accessory, baby teeth necklaces are a great choice.

Watch the full show below.

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