Marrknull, a Chinese designer label, presented a whimsical collection at London Fashion Week. It was inspired by the human relation with water and created a fantasy world around summer.

This surreal collection combines deconstructed formal wear with swimwear and sportswear, creating pieces that reflect the brand’s collision philosophy. The brand is known for its playful conceptual themes and anti-fashion fashion attitude. It aims to offer a new perspective on clothing functionality by removing traditional silhouettes and structures.

group of female standing on stage

This collection is about the different state people enter when swimming. It incorporates exaggerated swimming flots and showerheads. The unusual accessories include reinterpreted nose clips, earplugs and goggles, created in collaboration with Yvmin. Wrinkling and wrinkled clothing also reference this theme.

A deconstructed shower curtain that wraps around the body of the model is one example of a striking piece. You can also find cut crystal beads that resemble water droplets dropping down the body.

The brand stated that mass-produced industrial products, baroque patterns and aristocratic symbols were integrated to break down the boundaries of different layers and offer the mutual integration and beauty of different beauties.

The alternative techniques were fabrics that were sewn in different directions, structured folding, and textured. Each of these options enhanced the exploration of new possibilities for daily wear and helped to create a new image of the female figure the design house hoped to portray.

You can watch the full LFW SS22 Marrknull show below.

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