Asos and Fnatic, a London-based esports brand that specializes in online and offline activations, have signed a multi-million-pound, three-year partnership.

Asos stated that the collaboration “bridges the worlds of fashion and gaming.” The collaboration will include many activations that include multiple content series featuring Fnatic creators and talent, including Moonryde, Tekkz, Mushway and Loeya, as well as VR experiences and AR filters.

Fnatic creators and pro players will be featured in future Asos campaigns. The brands will also collaborate on a third alternative kit. Both brands will collaborate on future digital kits to create branded in-game experiences.

Asos is the first to partner with an esports brand. As part of the agreement, Asos’ logo will be on all Fnatic jerseys. This includes the League of Legends World Championship jersey. This tournament is the premier League of Legends event, featuring teams from all over the world competing for a multimillion-dollar prize pool.

Fnatic’s chief executive Sam Mathews stated in a statement that “there are no other subcultures in this world that have influenced me more than fashion and gaming. Both online and offline expression has been a key point of convergence for both audiences. We will help all gamers find their own voice and style through this partnership with Asos. Asos is a great partner in this effort to bring about change.”

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Robert Birge, Asos’ chief growth officer, said: “Gaming, fashion, and esports are both passions of young adults. We’re incredibly excited by this partnership. We are excited to support Gen Z’s desire to express themselves in the digital and physical worlds. We are also excited to see some of the best esports athletes in the world wear our name on Fnatic jerseys at Worlds in Iceland.”

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