Versace, an Italian luxury house, presented its spring/summer 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week. It included a tribute to Versace’s silk scarf as well as a guest appearance on the runway by Dua Lipa.

The brand’s first physical show with an audience in person since SS20 marks its return to a physical event in more than two years. Instead of presenting its collection in a physical format at Milan Fashion Week AW21 this luxury label chose to do so digitally.

woman in black spaghetti strap dress standing on stage

The Versace silk scarf was the focus of this season’s line. It has been a signature piece of Versace for many years. The silk scarf was explored through the use billowing shirts and fitted dresses. Each design featured the distinctively ornate print.

Donatella stated that the scarf was a key component of Versace’s history and character in a press release. It’s been used as a canvas for our iconic prints. It can be worn in many ways, from knotted tops and headscarves to bag accessories. This is a way to add Versace attitude to any outfit.

She said, “The foulard has been with me since the beginning of the brand. But this season, it isn’t fluid or dreamy anymore, the scarf looks provocative, sexy and tightly wound.”

woman wearing red and white bandana

The garments were haphazardly made, with no details or Versace safety pins to tie the slashed fabrics together. The texture of the silk scarf clashes with the latex look, which was presented in the form body-hugging tops and dresses that provided an additional contrast to the larger styles.

The contrasting designs included pyjama sets and basketball-like looks. Each design featured the scarf print with bold colours of yellows, purples, and pinks. This pattern is strikingly fresh.

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