Although Secondhand September is over, a report by eBay UK shows that the sustainable habit of buying pre-worn clothes which was fed during the pandemic is not going anywhere. The retailer announced that the equivalent weight of 1,404 double decker buses of fashion items were saved from landfill so far this year thanks to secondhand sales. That’s 28 million pre-loved fashion items that have gone to a new home. BBC reported last year that 900 double-decker buses of fashion items had been saved from the landfill. That’s 500 additional buses filled with clothes. As a result, 17.771 tons have been saved from landfill so far in 2021. Meanwhile, pre-loved item sales are up 29 percent since 2018.

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Additional data from eBay UK shows that there has been a shift to thrift as the pandemic continues. In 2021, more than four second-hand products were sold per second. Additionally, during the UK lockdown earlier this year, there was an increase of 32 percent in secondhand sales as thrifty Brits sought to declutter and make extra money.

eBay supported Oxfam’s Second Hand September initiative for its second year, as part of its mission to encourage consumers to keep buying and selling secondhand clothing. Oxfam, an international charity with its headquarters in the UK, pledged that it would match every Oxfam item sold on its marketplace pound-for-pound sterling. Secondhand September is an initiative by Oxfam to encourage shoppers to sell and buy only second-hand items for 30 days or longer. All proceeds go to Oxfam’s efforts to end poverty worldwide.

eBay UK customers clear their closets to have a clear conscience

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The new season is upon us and New York Fashion Week just ended, so now is the perfect time to take stock of your closets and help items find new homes. It’s no longer fashionable to buy new, but canny everyday stylists can recreate runway looks using pre-loved items.

Emma Grant, Head, Preloved, eBay UK says: “It’s amazing to see conscious shopping becoming more mainstream and sustainable buying habits stretching beyond the pandemic. It proves that pre-loved can be more than a trend.” We’ve been able to find new homes for items and extend their livescycles this year, thanks to the growing market for second-hand sales.”

Juicy Couture’s 2021 Return

The report also highlights key themes that illustrate shopping trends. Nostalgia led the way as shoppers found comfort in the styles of the nineties and 2000s. The searches for sweater vests increased by 888 percent, while the number of searches for Juicy Couture tracksuits increased 200 percent. It’s easy to remember the days when Madonna, Britney Spears and Madonna wore sweatpants. The LA-based velour leisurewear brand became a global phenomenon as its logo-emblazoned trackpants were worn by millions of it-girls around the world. In 2021, sweatpants were back in fashion and consumers were eager to copy the look of these icons.

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In 2021, Nike, Adidas, and Zara were the most sought-after brands on eBay UK. Tops and shirts continue to be the most in-demand items on eBay UK. Perhaps this is because many people work remotely or incorporate zoom video calls into their daily lives.

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