H&M, a fast fashion retailer, will implement a virtual fitting feature in select German stores. This is part of a technology partnership between NeXR Technologies SE (and its Berlin-based innovation laboratory H&Mbeyond).

AvatarCloud Fashion will begin a trial phase. A Fusion 3 body scanner, which allows customers to virtual try on the new collection by the retailer, will be installed in the stores. Customers will receive a virtual avatar with their body measurements, which can be used to try on around 30 pieces from the H&M collection.

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This feature was developed in collaboration with NeXR, H&Mbeyond. It is intended to provide a unique retail experience and to help analyse customer behaviour in relation the technology. H&Mbeyond. Lab regularly develops and tests new services that are relevant to the company at a global level.

“We are proud of H&Mbeyond,” Markus Peuler (Managing Director of NeXR Technologies SE), stated that “we were honored as a trusted partner in H&Mbeyond’s innovation work.” He also announced that they had conducted a test operation in three major stores. We have achieved another milestone with our virtual fitting room solution to H&M Germany.

“We are optimistic that this cooperation will allow us to make long-term contributions to sustainability in textile industry. This is an important issue for us.”

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AvatarCloud is available for download via the Apple Appstore or Google Play. The feature is available for purchase in stores in Berlin or Hamburg from October 14 through November 6. You can use the feature from anywhere, including at home.

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