Drest, a luxury styling game, is expanding its gaming universe with a new beauty mode in partnership with Gucci Beauty.

This luxury styling app blends high fashion and editorial content with online shopping, gaming, entertainment, and online shopping. You can play the role of a fashion stylist to style daily challenges with the latest fashion accessories and fashion from over 160 top fashion brands, including Gucci, Prada and Off-White.

The new Beauty Mode allows players to show off their makeup-artistry skills, and experiment with cosmetics using Drest’s avatars. The new close-up gameplay allows players to express themselves with cosmetics.

Lucy Yeomans (founder and chief executive of Drest) stated in a statement that beauty has been on her agenda since the conception of Drest ten years ago. As a magazine editor, it was my experience with beauty and how it can influence fashion. Beauty, like fashion is, is a creative form for experimentation, discovery and self-expression. That is why Drest has it.

“The challenge was to get Beauty Mode right, and show beauty in a way that excites and delights our players as well as our partnering brands.”

Gucci Beauty partners with Drest to launch a new beauty mode

Gucci Beauty will be featured exclusively on Dress Beauty Mode from October 8 to coincide with the launch Palette Beaute Des Yeux Floral. This is the first ever eyeshadow palette by the fashion house. These will appear alongside mascara, eyeliners, nail varnish, and lipsticks.

Drest created three eye looks that Gucci has directed. Players will have the option to select how make-up products are applied using Variant technology. Two beauty shoot challenges as well as a mood board challenge will be featured in the app. They reflect Gucci Beauty’s vintage aesthetic.

Yeomans commented on Drest’s Beauty Mode creation. Yeomans stated: “To make Beauty Mode look as real as possible, I looked at over 4,000 photos of close-up models poses and set technical photoshoots using professional models to ensure that every detail is as natural as possible. We then applied each makeup item individually to our avatars to make sure we matched skin tones correctly and got the cosmetic placement correct as each avatar has a unique face shape, eye size, lip size, etc. We relied on Mary Greenwell, our consultant makeup artist, for this. This involved months of discussions and many iterations.”

Drest explains that Beauty Mode challenges are free to play and can be purchased via direct links to partner e-commerce platforms. Players who engage in the new gameplay will receive a digital product for later challenges.

Drest will launch its unbranded Beauty Mode Challenges on the app in January 2022, following the Gucci Beauty partnership.

Tess Macleod Smith, Drest’s managing Director, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating avec Gucci for Drest’s ground-breaking beauty mode launch. Gucci was our visionary partner in 2019, and they recognized Drest as an innovative, global marketing platform that could connect with new audiences through experiential gameplay. We have also continued to innovate together over the past 24 month.”

“Beauty Mode is one of our biggest projects and our best interactive real time story-telling in an entirely new category, which is highly anticipated by our global audience.”

Beauty Mode was launched following the launch of a new jewellery mode and a watch mode in September. This partnership was exclusive with Cartier, to promote its Clash [Un]limited collection. Players could experiment with layering necklaces and rings, stacking jewellery, and even layering bracelets for a photo shoot.

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