Waste2Wear is a pioneer in the plastic recycling industry, having been producing products from plastic since 2007. Monique Maissan, founder and textile engineer, is constantly at the forefront of innovation. The company offers the best quality fabrics as well as products made from recycled plastic bottles (RPET), pre-landfill, pre-ocean, and post-consumer domestic devices (RPP). They are a leader in technology with their recycling assurance and blockchain services.

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RPET has the same performance standards as virgin polyester but is more expensive to make. It is believed that as much as 50% of RPET material is fake. This is a huge blow to the environment concept of recycling fabrics, which is supposed to reduce the use of plastics in the world. The unique, patent-pending Recycling Assurance Chemical Testing Method (RA-3)* was developed by Waste2Wear R&D in 2019. This test determines whether fabric is made of recycled bottles and, if so how much. Wessling is the leading international testing laboratory. This makes it the first independent standard RPET method. The RA-3 test is able to assess any fabric, yarn or fiber, as well as pellets, flakes, and hard plastics. Products that pass rigid chemical analysis and prove they have a RPET level receive a Waste2Wear/Wessling EU certified certificate. Maissan stated: “We are thrilled that Wessling independently verified our recycling assurance RA-3 testing. The RA-3 certification guarantees that fabrics that pass the test are made from recycled materials. This gives confidence to brands that use RPET. It also identifies counterfeits so that companies don’t fall for RPET scams.”


Waste2Wear was first to use a blockchain technology in its supply chain. This allows for full transparency and traceability. The materials are protected by scannable locks that keep accurate information at all stages of the supply chain. This eliminates the possibility of illegal subcontractors being used or the addition of virgin materials to the production line. Our clients prefer to be more sustainable and use RPET post-consumer plastic containers in their textiles. They love the high-quality fabrics that we produce and the security provided by our blockchain solution. Maissan says, “We offer the blockchain service for any company, regardless of whether they use our products.”

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Waste2Wear is the sole company that makes new products out of old household appliances, including washing machines and fridges. This type of plastic is the most common in the world, yet only 1% of it is recycled. Its unique process of making RPP bags, packaging, and sustainable face masks out of this waste is what we are determined to impact the world. They have received several innovation awards, including the highly-coveted 2021 Sustainable Business Award by the European Union Chamber of Commerce.

R&D is always innovating new ways to recycle plastic waste. This will give them a longer-lasting, sustainable life. For the latest news on these developments, check out the official company’s website for more information.

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