Heron Preston collaborated with Zellerfeld, an emerging technology company, to create his first 3D printed sneaker. The Heron01.

The Heron01 hopes to disrupt the footwear market by creating a new generation of footwear production. Each shoe is made without factories or supply chains and can be recycled by Zellerfeld to make new shoes.

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Heron Preston and Zellerfeld have teamed up to create a unique combination of fashion, explorative technology and design. This collaboration will give you a fresh perspective on how footwear can designed, developed, and printed using the lens of innovation and collaboration.

Heron Preston stated that “The Heron01 was just the beginning” and that additive manufacturing has unlimited potential. “I was able design and print functional, evolving prototypes in hours. Traditional manufacturing would have taken many months. I cannot wait to print more shoes, and keep you updated.

Inspired by the heron bird, the Heron01 features printed scales and textures on its feet. The sole elements of the Heron01 resemble a bird claw and have sole elements that resemble bird claws. The shoe has low cutouts at the ankle that allow for easy entry. A chunky sole and threading elements keep the designer’s signature style, which is both work-oriented and fashion-forward. Concept Kicks founder, Mr Bailey, was also involved in the design of the shoe.

Heron Preston and Zellerfeld collaborate on a sneaker that will change the shoe industry

Preston and Zellerfeld explain that the sneaker is free from seams, stitching or other weak points. They printed it using various internal structures that provide new levels of comfort, fit, cushioning, and breathability. Zellerfeld uses closed-loop technology to turn old shoes into new shoes by removing toxic glues and other materials.

The Heron01 claims that they have created the “best fitting shoes possible” without additional costs or time. Each shoe can be printed in standard sizes and customized to fit any foot by using an iPhone scan.

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Cornelius Schmitt is chief executive of Zellerfeld. He added that “Heron’s a truly inspiring designer, and 3D printing can allow visionaries such as him to reshape shoes for the better.”

In the first beta launch of Heron01 sneakers, StockX will be selling them in three colours as part of a ‘Campaign for a Cause’ to benefit Global March. The campaign benefits Global March, a charity that fights child labour in supply chain supply chains. It will be available on StockX from October 5 through 8. StockX customers interested in securing a pair can enter the raffle for a chance at winning a Heron01 sneaker. The cost is only 10 US Dollars.

The winners will have exclusive access to Zellerfeld’s beta program. They can wear the Heron01 made from fully recyclable materials, and then trade them in to get them reprinted or updated to a newer version. Zellerfeld says that all future beta program members will receive one free update.

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