Mango and Fero Foundation have teamed up again to support breast cancer research. Mango will launch a solidarity collection, which includes accessories and garments. All profits will go to the Fero Foundation to support research into breast cancer. The launch coincides in October with Breast Cancer Awareness Month and International Breast Cancer Day.

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Mango’s solidarity collection is now available online and in select stores across twenty countries including France, Spain, and Italy. The collection includes three T-shirts in different designs, two bags and a cosmetics bag from the women’s range. There are also two Mango Man T-shirts. The accessories and garments are known for their positive messages. The multinational launched a solidarity collection last year that raised more than 175,000 euros. All proceeds went to cancer research.

Mango and Fero Foundation collaborated in 2008 when Penelope Cruz and Monica Cruz created a T-shirt for the fashion company to fight breast cancer. Mango sold a T shirt designed by Jordi Lasbanda and the foundation in 2010 and 2011. Both organizations have collaborated since 2017 in the creation of an annual collection to raise money for breast cancer research.

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In this period, it was possible, among other things, to establish a Fero-Mango Scholarship to breast cancer research to support young scientists in this field. This year’s third edition of the scholarship is being launched. The winners will be announced at Fero’s Madrid charity gala on November 15.

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