Fashionista reported that Nomasei, a Paris-based brand, has released sustainable, size-inclusive boots. These boots are designed to fit more sizes of legs and thighs. The tall boots are made with a more flexible cotton lining.

woman wearing pair of brown leather boots

The boots are made from one long piece of leather. This prevents horizontal stitches which can lead to bulges in the knees and thighs. Although there has been progress in plus-size fashion, the footwear industry is still not covered. The conversation has been missing women with larger feet and curvier bodies who had difficulty finding boots that were thigh-high in the past.

woman in white long sleeve shirt and black skirt standing on white chair

Fashion brands are now required to make more clothing that is suitable for all sizes. Fashion brands tend to only target women who are between 12 and 14 inches in size, which limits their potential customers.

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