Desigual, a fashion retailer, has partnered digital workplace solutions platform Yoobic to implement a system that will streamline operational management and improve compliance for frontline staff.

This development is in line with the brand’s goal to modernise communication, visual merchandising and processes within its stores. The Yoobic mobile platform was ultimately used to meet these requirements. The retailer continues to use the platform for all aspects of its business, including stock and finance, even after it was deployed.

Eduardo Garcia de Frutos (head of business operations), stated that he needed a solution to centralize task management and communications across the entire store estate to ensure consistency and streamlined customer experience.

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He said, “Before then, we used multiple manual channels that were labor-intensive. These channels didn’t allow for communication between frontline employees and the head office. This meant that we couldn’t capture and analyze the data contained within these transactions.”

The digital workplace is now in effect for the 2,700 employees of the company, spread across 107 countries and 10 sales channels. According to the release, the Yoobic platform is currently used by 500 employees. They have completed 35,000 task-based mission.

The increase in virtual shop visits reported by the management also led to a decrease in transport costs.

Garcia de Frutos said that the team was able to experience how simple it is to use it and they were able to see the many benefits. They enjoy being able to see the innovations in other stores and how they score. This allows them to work on their plans to improve customer service.

“From a management perspective, this engagement provided invaluable insights from our frontline which in return helps us streamline processes and improve the experience we offer our customers.”

The brand had already introduced a number technological upgrades to its operations in 2019. This included the development of an Omnichannel system that linked its physical stores to its online retail environments. Its stores could offer customers immersive experiences and faster points of sales.

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Fabrice Haiat is the CEO and founder at Yoobic. He said that Desigual has been at the forefront in understanding customers’ changing needs and had placed digital transformation at its core. Desigual, who has experience in all aspects of logistics, stock management, and workplace management, understands the importance technology plays in creating an exceptional customer experience that meets the needs of shoppers immediately and keeps them coming back.

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