What is it:

The sweatshirt is a timeless staple that can be worn year round. We’ve seen a lot of new styles in the last few months: embellishments and cutouts, trims, and exaggerated proportions have taken over this wardrobe staple. We will have the latest versions of the sweatshirt in the spring-summer 2022.

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It’s why you’ll love it:

The sweatshirt is easy to style, comfortable and timeless. Styles are updated for the next season, but they still have many benefits. The sweatshirt is a fashionable option that appears on runways every season, whether it’s embroidered or detailed with oversized shoulders and cutouts. The sweatshirt is no longer a classic piece. It’s now a fashion statement piece that can add style to any outfit. Customers are looking for casual, laid-back clothing after the pandemic. It’s worth checking out different retailers and brands that offer new versions of this timeless favorite.

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We’ve seen it everywhere:

The sweatshirt will return in spring-summer 2022 with a new look and lots of surprises. David Koma showed a bubble-pink version with tonal feathers, metallic eyelets and a matching skirt. Vaquera chose an oversized logo-print style with floor-length fringes along the hem. The sweatshirt was extra-cropped and tied at Ndeg21. Glenn Martens, Y/Project, showcased a tonal purple version with ruched details. Lapointe also created Resort 2022 a light-blue, striped sweatshirt with feathers at its cuffs.

How to style it

Each iteration brings new styles and options, so customers will never run out of ways to wear sweatshirts next summer. The pink ‘Lila” sweater by Sissy-Boy is feminine and casual. It looks great paired with classic straight-leg jeans and timeless white sneakers, and topped off with delicate gold jewellery. Ted Baker’s navy-blue style, on the other hand, is all about proportions. It has an elongated profile, oversized shoulders, and can be matched with almost any bottom. While the brand’s second style is more casual with its slouchy cut, it has puff sleeves that give it a more structured and elegant look. The satin-trimmed sweatshirt by Thale Blanc is one that customers can wear in all seasons, thanks to its lightweight handle and cold shoulders. Only has one sweatshirt that is right for those who want to get in on the trend. It comes in a classic black colour with delicate lace detailing.

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Brands and designers revisit wardrobe staples every season. The sweatshirt is the latest example. It’ll be the most popular spring-summer 2022 item with its bold details, captivating proportions, and eye-catching details. The sweatshirt will definitely be a part of next year’s bright colour trends.

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