The 2021 UN Global Climate Action Award has been awarded to sustainable and ethically-conscious online womenswear and maternity brands Baukjen & Isabella Oliver.

United Nations Climate Change presents the annual awards that highlight innovative, replicable, and scalable examples of how brands and individuals are fighting climate change.

The UN has recognized House of Baukjen in the ‘Climate Neutral Now” category. This includes Microsoft, Taylors of Harrogate, and ICA Gruppen. The London-based fashion house was recognized for its carbon-negative circular leadership in the fashion industry, and its efforts to adopt an environmentally-friendly business model that uses zero-waste materials.

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House of Baukjen has become carbon-negative throughout its supply chain as of 2020. The company continues to collaborate with suppliers to make them more sustainable and reduce inefficiencies, and switch to 100% renewable energy. The fashion house is also the .top-scoring certified fashion B Corp .in the UK, and recently launched a .Sustainability Index, sharing environmental and social impact scores for each product in its collections to help customers make better-informed purchasing choices.

Patricia Espinosa, UN Climate Change executive secretary, stated in a statement that the winners of the UN Global Climate Action Awards 2021 provide tangible evidence that solutions exist to the climate crisis and can be replicated quickly. This is the definition of inspiring leadership.

Geoff Van Sonsbeeck, chief executive of House of Baukjen and co-founder, said: “We are so proud that we have won this amazing award and to be recognized as an industry leader for sustainability. We see our business as a force of good and encourage others to do the same and join us in fighting climate change.

“The company deserves the recognition. Our team and our manufacturers for their hard work in reducing emissions at all stages of production.”

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