To match the tone of the hold tone, my breathing must be slowed when I dial into a 10-minute call with Jennifer Aniston. It’s a perfect interview, and I tell her right after saying “hello”. She laughs at my star-struck admission. “I hope your dreams come true.”

Our call is for Aniston to discuss her new hair-care line LolaVie. It launches this week with one product, which Aniston calls the “absolute best” detangler. She tells me about LolaVie’s origins, the story behind it, and her thoughts on . “The Rachel”, her most loved and most complimented haircut of the 1990s.

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Me: This brand is so new! Your hair is an iconic part of you, as you probably already know. The most requested cut is ‘The Rachel’. Do you identify as much with this style?

Jennifer Aniston:  Over the years I have fallen in love with it and lost it. You can now just enjoy the history of something as simple as a haircut. Twenty-something years ago, Chris McMillan, my hairdresser, pushed me into his chair and said, “What are you going to do?” He cut my hair and gave me the haircut. Before that, I’d never received compliments on my hair. It was a great cut, Chris. It was not an easy cut to style, so I had to learn how to do it. It looked amazing when he did it. My hair is very curly and difficult to style. It took me years to master this skill, which is ultimately what brought me here.

Me: Our hair is such an integral part of who we are. What would be your personal relationship to your hair?

Jennifer Aniston:  There are good and bad days. We all have them. On a good hair day, you feel incredible. My hair is so worn out as an actor. My hair is always styled with heat when I am shooting for The Morning Show. There’s also color. In my personal life, I don’t have the luxury of letting the hair dry after water without styling.

Me: I could be fooled! Your hair always looks effortless no matter how it is styled.

Jennifer Aniston: It takes effort. It doesn’t happen by accident for me.

Me: Many women, as they age and experience hair loss, thinning or changes in texture. Are you seeing a difference in your hair over time?

Jennifer Aniston: One-hundred percent. My hair is getting older. Our hair also ages with our age. However, our hair will also age due to the daily wear and tear we put it through, including going to work, dyeing, straightening, curling irons, and all the other things that can damage our hair. It is important to find products that can restore hair’s health and re-nourish it.

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Me: What is the best thing that you have done to keep your hair healthy?

Jennifer Aniston: I have a great hairdresser who gives good haircuts. It’s really the basics. Get enough sleep, drink lots of water, and eat healthy foods to get vitamins and minerals. You also need to find long-lasting hair products. Many products promise to do something and then over time your hair may start to fall apart due to fillers like silicones.

Me: What was it that inspired you to create your hair-care products?

Jennifer Aniston: My motto was “We should just make something.” After working for another beauty brand, I was inspired to work in product development. I wanted to be involved in the creation of products, to understand its science and to have a voice. You often feel inspired and excited when you can see the other side of things.

Me: How was product development? You did you have a clear idea of what LolaVie would look like? Or did it change as the project progressed?

Jennifer Aniston: A little of each. It was always there. It was clear to me what I wanted. It was great fun to test the products and see what worked. It took us a while, but I am very meticulous and pay attention to detail. We didn’t have a deadline so we waited until we found the perfect product. It was tested by everyone, so we shared it with our friends. We received a lot of feedback.

Me: It’s my favorite way to use the Glossing Detangler! Which is your favorite way to use Glossing Detanglers? What frequency do you use it? How can you incorporate it into your hair-care routines?

Jennifer Aniston: It can be used on damp hair straight out of the shower. Sometimes I will spray it on my dry hair to give it some shine and vitality. It’s not possible to ruin it.

Me: This name is too cute. What’s the story?

Jennifer Aniston: So ‘Lola’ is a nickname I received years ago when I moved to California. I love the song “Whatever Lola Wants”, by Sarah Vaughan. “Vie” means life. I wanted to include the idea of living my best life and being authentic.

Me: It is funny how trends in hair can go through cycles. We’re seeing a resurgence of the ’90s hairstyles in fashion and beauty. How do you feel about this?

Jennifer Aniston: The 2000s were just yesterday! The ’90s will be my favorite decade. There’s something so pure about them. The social media, and the Internet had not exploded. There was still some human communication. It was kinder and easier. However, I like to see a trend return. Friends tease me that I will not let go of anything. I still love my shorts, which I bought in 1988.

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