Pacsun announced a partnership with Cotton Incorporated’s Blue Jeans Green Denim Recycling Program. Pacsun’s “Pacdenim For A Better Tomorrow” initiative will offer co-branded denim recycling containers at five Pacsun locations, as well as its flagship store in Los Angeles.

Pacsun Denim customers who drop off used denim items get 10 dollars off their next order. If the recycling bins aren’t available at their location, customers have the option of returning denim to Pacsun store associates.

PacCares is a program that promotes the health and well-being of young people. Pacsun and Cotton will promote this program through creative content on TikTok and Instagram. The campaign will be promoted by their brand ambassador program. It is part of Pacsun’s 2021 Pre-Fall campaign.

“It’s truly amazing that we can introduce such a impactful initiative around jeans, being one of the best-selling categories at Pacsun,” Kelly Mahoney (pacsun’s senior director for merchandising and denim), said in a press release

The brand has also taken steps to make sustainability more mainstream by creating a landing page that lists all products made from 100 percent organic, recycled or sustainable material. The brand launched Colour Range, a gender-neutral brand. It is 100% sustainably produced.

Brie Olson, Pacsun president, stated that Pacsun is a brand dedicated in inspiring positive fashion development. She believes that even small changes can make a difference and lead to a better tomorrow. “We are thrilled to announce PacDenim for a Better Tomorrow as a continuation to our journey towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Pacsun is joining brands like Ariat, 7 For All Mankind, and Levi’s in Cotton Incorporated’s Program. Cotton Incorporated also launched the Denim Stack Challenge 2019 and Denim Days New York.

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