Slowly, fashion weeks are returning to their original forms. However, there are more regulations and fewer attendees.

Stockholm Fashion Week returned in full swing. It hosted a variety of emerging designers like Filippa Agaton and Iggy Jeans, as well established names such Asket, House of Dagmar, and Stand Studio. In what the organisation called a democratic format, brands and organizations were able arrange physical shows and presentations either for a large audience or a small group.

woman wearing orange long-sleeved shirt standing near buidling

Catarina Midby (secretary general of the Swedish Fashion Association), said that “This season’s Fashion Week really is such an celebration of fashion and creativity.” “We are thrilled to present a large part of the SFW program physically and finally meet the designers and view their creations live. We are proud to showcase the commitment of Swedish fashion brands around sustainability, innovation, and technology.

The shows attracted a lot of people who wanted to wear outfits that they had been waiting over two years to showcase, eagerly anticipating the day when they would be able to venture outside again. We have compiled a list of the most popular street style looks that were spotted by attendees on their way to long-awaited physical events as Stockholm Fashion Week comes to an end.

Prints abound

Participants were drawn to coordinating and contrast prints, while others chose bold and vivid patterns. While some opted for colour clashing prints, others preferred a layered one-print look. Some people preferred exotic prints like leopard-inspired designs to hold on to summer months that were quickly passing.

person in white and blue converse all star high tops

Jazzy jeans

Street style this season was enhanced by jeans with dynamic prints. Bottoms were dominated by jagged, explosive shapes. Graphics appeared in bright colours and sometimes in contrasting materials.

Full-on fluff

While the fluffy hat is a popular trend in the last year, others took the trend to the next level. The street was filled with floor-length fluffy coats, dresses and jackets. There were also plenty of bold block colours to accent the daring looks. Others took the fluff down one notch with soft accessories that still had their own eye-catching moments.

woman in yellow coat standing near white painted wall

Suits that are sized up

The guests loved their suits. The majority of guests opted for pastel and beige colours. They also preferred low-key, more oversized colourways. To make the look more sophisticated, sleeves and legs were a little too long. They touched the ground or covered hands. Blazers were more popular in loose fitting styles. They often looked too big, and were paired with printed shirts, or none at all.

woman in black coat standing under white concrete bridge during daytime

Leather on leather

This year, one piece of leather was not enough. The events featured a lot of full outfits with layered materials and leather accessories. Statement-making colours and styles elevated the look even further. The popular choice for large leather accessories was also over-sized, which were available in many designs and techniques that showcased fascinating textures.

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