Revolve, a fashion e-tailer, has revealed its new sustainable jeans collection in Lovers and Friends. This is in collaboration with Recover, a recycled cotton producer.

There will be 14 styles to choose from, with each style featuring at least 15 percent recycled cotton fibre. Recover claims that this material innovation eliminates the need to cultivate cotton. It also reduces the amount of waste water and dyes used, as well as decreasing textile landfill waste.

Michael Mente (Revolve’s cofounder and CEO) stated that the company has a responsibility for contributing to the industry’s longevity and ecosystem. Recover’s expertise and long-term focus are unmatched. We have worked with thousands upon thousands of suppliers and brands.

“We are proud that we have partnered with this multigenerational, family-owned company to deliver the strongest product and messaging to our customers with one of our most recognisable brands Lovers and Friends.”

The collection also includes pieces that have a QR code on them. The QR code is used to provide information about the environmental benefits of the product. This includes comparing water consumption with daily activities like taking a bath. This informative strategy allows for a transparent and easy view of the environmental impact of the purchase.

Alfredo Ferre (CEO of Recover) said, “It’s great to launch this sustainability collection today with such a iconic American brand and jeans product. We have strengthened our partnership by incorporating Recover’s highest-quality, low-impact recycled fibre into the Lovers and Friends line of denim. This is helping to bring sustainable fashion closer for consumers.”

person in blue denim jeans holding white paper

“Recover” aims to increase its production of recycled cotton fibres to assist more brands in meeting their sustainability goals.

Recover previously provided its sustainable alternative to Wranger and H&M Group as well as The North Face, G-Star, and The North Face. Recover recently partnered up with Primark, a fast-fashion retailer, to create a sustainable collection of leisurewear. This will allow the organisation’s cotton fibre innovation to be more accessible at a lower price for a wider audience.

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