Fashion needs to be reminded that fashion trends are always changing. The current Y2K trend is a good example. We have compiled five facts about this trend, from its history and origins to the key items you should invest in.

It was created by Gen Z on TikTok

Many movements emerged on TikTok, thanks to its popularity during the pandemic. The most popular fashion trend to emerge? The Y2K fashion. This style is a nod to the ‘noughties, and Gen Z and Millennials have reclaimed it. The wardrobe staples of two decades ago, such as the late 1990s crop tops and early 2000s low-rise jeans, are making a comeback. Younger generations are embracing their childhood influences.

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Uncertain times call for a trend

There were many uncertainties at the beginning of the millennium. These included conspiracy theories that claimed the end of the world, to cautious technology-based views. We live in similar times today, with a bright future. Gen Zers look back to the styles they know, and find comfort in what is familiar. The growing popularity of the trend is also influenced by nostalgia. This is evident in many TV reboots like Sex and the City and Friends, Legally Blonde, and Gossip Girl.

Mixture of technology and pop culture

The Y2K style combines elements from pop culture and tech details from 2000s. It fuses futuristic details with retro inspirations. Chunky sneakers, basic Tshirts, loose tailoring, and double denim were all popularized by the Internet boom. Pop culture also favored bodycon dresses, bodycon tops, velour tracksuits, bubblegum pink, and cropped and tie-front tops. The trend is influenced by icons like Carrie Bradshaw, Bratz dolls, and characters from Clueless and Gilmore Girls.

Updated key pieces

While some 2000s items will remain true to their original design for the next season, others have been updated. These include the Dior Saddle Bag, Fendi Baguette Bag and Chanel’s Body and Belly Chains. New versions of metallic and chunky platforms are being introduced, while pleated skirts are longer and come in elegant, neutral colors that can be mixed and matched. Dua Lipa is sporting new hairpins, while wide-leg jeans are available in cropped, minimal styles.

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Styles for 2021 are made to last

The 2021 Y2K trend’s interpretation is made up of timeless pieces that can be worn many years later. Jacquemus’ minimalist style pays homage to the ’90s in a chic and understated manner, while A-Company showcased a suit that can easily be worn again and again. For a more refined look, Balmain’s low-rise bottoms and tube tops were kept simple and highlighted with gold details. While tinted sunglasses and bucket hats are a part of today’s attire, designers still have in mind staples that can be kept for the next ten years.

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