The Institute of Digital Fashion and the Circular Fashion Summit by Lablaco are looking to bring diversity and inclusion to fashion NFTs, the metaverse and their new VR capsule collection.

At the Circular Fashion Summit 2021 Virtual by Lablaco, the IoDF will launch avatars and a digital only inclusive collection. It will take place at the virtual Grand Palais Ephemere from December 9-12.

The capsule collection will be available at the Oculus store during summit on Spin by Lablaco, the new fashion metaverse. It will feature inclusive avatars of non-binary characters that amplify and elevate BIPOC and queer narratives as well as people with disabilities who, according to the IoDF, are “currently lacking in the VR space” and digital platforms.

The IoDF x CFS 0.1 Collection will include a variety of gender-fluid digital garments. These range from loungewear to the red-carpet, including a wool pinstripe suit, statement full-length dress, and drop-crotch trousers. You can also use a sheila, a traditional headpiece worn in Muslim women, to dress your avatar.

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Cattytay, IoDF’s creative director and cofounder, stated in a statement that “an important part of our work is giving marginalised voices space to be better represented. We act as a bridge between the industry and those who use the tools, software companies.”

“With our global networks of artists and makers, we can collectively change this system and amplify new messaging to create a more inclusive, diverse, and innovative reality.”

Institute of Digital Fashion, Circular Fashion Summit will introduce diversity and inclusion to the fashion NFTs/metaverse

The IoDF has released a whitepaper, “My Self, My Avatar and My Identity”, which examines inclusivity and diversity in virtual worlds. It also discusses the impact of misrepresentation on users and how to make them more inclusive.

This research was used by the IoDF to inform its design processes for avatars and clothing. It was important that this collection represented a more diverse population in the digital age. To ensure greater accessibility and wider representation, the IoDF added cultural clothing such as abayas or thobes to its avatars.

Leanne Elliott Young, chief executive of IoDF and co-founder of the organization, said: “This partnership was important to us because it’s an important step towards re-shaping our industry. The event builds upon some of the most important narratives that fashion has within now and the discourse will be invaluable for the future of the industry.”

“We are extremely pleased that CFS allows us to all have a global conversation. The VR allows the meetings to pivot into the world-building experiences.”

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