There is an autumn outfit that will help you get out of your lockdown loungewear. I am always amazed at the versatility of a sweater dress. It is the best autumn outfit. The judge has made her decision and will not be answering any further questions. I feel a bit mysterious in a sweater dress. This is amazing, as I have zero charisma and no French accent. In a sweater dress, I feel like I’m on my way to having a nice dinner with my friend. I then walk home wearing a trench and probably shoulder-robing it under softly lit streetlights. I think I am a person who can make witty contributions to conversation rather than being a witterer-on. I am the type of woman with a great posture and a large collection of ceramics. But most importantly, I feel very comfortable. As comfortable as I feel in a tracksuit. Is it too early to criticize the tracksuit – the nuns’ habit of locking down? It feels like a hangover from spending too much time at home. Stockholm syndrome, fashion edition.

Although it feels blasphemous to point out that loungewear isn’t exactly an aesthetic delight (except perhaps for Hailey Bieber), perhaps it is time to break free. It is time to think for ourselves, and not just follow the example of everyone else on your Zoom screen. It is important to feel comfortable, but comfort is not limited to an elastic waist. I would venture to guess that grown women are not the only ones who feel more confident in a sweater than in a tracksuit.

woman in white knit sweater sitting on gray couch

The danger of overheating is one potential catch in sweater dresses. Avoid super-luxe, thick, roll-neck styles. These sweater dresses are the most popular in movies and magazines. They frame your face with large funnel necklines, and radiate glamour apres-ski vibes until you feel your hair cling to your scalp. Cozy is good, especially in these times when open windows and outdoor terraces are commonplaces. But feeling like you’ve been wrapped up in a blanket is not. It’s better to be lightweight and layer up thermals for colder temperatures. My favorite knit dress is one that I purchased from the Jil Sander Uniqlo Collection. FYI, every piece from these collections is a treasure. It is made from lightweight merino wool and has a ribbed design. This makes it easy to wear up or down. For daytime, a blazer and chunky biker shoes are ideal. A tangle of gold chain and a sandal for dinner. The machine wash at 30C brings it back to life. But if I was looking for a new season’s purchase, I would be heading to Cos or & Other Stories.

The most recent round of catwalk shows – which showed the collections for next spring, but there’s nothing to stop you getting a jump on the new look – went big on loose, crewneck knitted dresses that are elongated versions of your favourite sweater.Look up .Marilyn Monroe in Let’s Make Love, .Brigitte Bardot on the set of Two Weeks in September, .or .Gigi Hadid at 2019’s CFDA awards. If you haven’t, one of these should.

You can take my word for this, but you really should. Listening to a woman wearing a sweater dress is worth it.

woman in gray sweater standing on gray concrete road during daytime

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