Billie Eilish, just 19 years old, has already set music records. The Grammy-winning artist has now ventured into the beauty business. Eilish(tm), Billie’s first fragrance, will launch in November.

Eilish fell in love with fragrances as a child. Eilish, who sings “Happier Than Ever”, says she has been obsessed with fragrance her whole life. This obsession started as a child with perfume bottles and continues to this day with hundreds of fragrances on her world tours.

Eilish answered questions via Instagram this April and shared her extensive collection. Many fans speculated that a perfume line might be in Eilish’s future, and they were right.

Eilish says that she has been in love since childhood with perfume. “We’d go out, and I’d smell something. I wish there was a way to smell that scent before I knew what it was.” “I always had something to say about a smell like this or that.”

Eilish’s obsession with scents continued into her music career. Eilish says that when she was on tour, she would tell fans to bring their favorite scents and perfumes to share the experiences with them.

Eilish shares that she just wanted to do this for a lifetime and finally found people who could help her make the scent she has been searching for forever.

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Eilish was able be involved in the creation of her signature scent and had full creative control over the campaign, vision, bottle design and campaign. Eilish(tm), an amber gourmand, has a warm vanilla fragrance. The scent opens with sweetened petals accented with red berries and juicy mandarin. The fragrance’s heart is filled with rich cocoa, creamy vanilla, and soft spices. As I was able test it, the Eilish(tm), scent is great for everyday wear.

This bottle was inspired by Billie’s favourite parts of her body: the neck, collarbone and chest. It is also gilded with beautiful amber bronze.

Eilish says she wanted her scent to feel like a warm hug. Eilish knew from the beginning what she wanted her scent smell like, and she is so grateful to have it come to pass.

“It was just in my head. It was vanilla-y and woody with vanilla bean and cocoa notes. This idea was my dream. Colaboration with Paralux was my breakthrough.”

Lori Singer, President at Parlux LLC, is also excited to work with the young star on this fragrance collection.

Singer states that Billie Eilish “is a singular talent and a voice for a generation.” She has a vision that is original, disruptive and uniquely hers in all she does. Parlux was naturally drawn to Billie because she can bring a vision alive like no other, and we were equally excited for this journey together.

Eilish(tm) will launch direct-to-consumer exclusively at for $68. This fragrance is cruelty-free and vegan.

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