Fashion brand Ted Baker explored the gaming market for the first time. It used Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons as a platform to display its fall/winter 2021 collection, and also to present a virtual brand experience.

In collaboration with Kara Chung, a visual artist and gamer, the digital space was created for players to explore.

Chung is well-known for her Instagram account Animal Crossing Fashion Archive. Here she documents the latest fashion news and collaborates with many fashion brands to help them navigate the virtual marketplace.

Players will have the option to download a digital version of 20 items from Ted Baker’s autumn/winter collection, which can be used on their avatars. This includes party dresses, bucket hats, and print shirts.

This collaboration is part the label’s ongoing Street Party Sessions. The sessions were launched in September and featured five virtual realities on the island that were inspired by the campaign. The campaign features Bastille and Jungle performing digitally in an immersive experience.

Translated into Animal Crossing, virtual flower gardens are and beachfront piers refer to the Street Party presentations, which are displayed in a party-like environment within the game.

Animal Crossing experienced a significant rise in engagement due to the pandemic. Users were able create alternate worlds and interact with other players online. Many fashion brands jumped at the chance to be in the gaming sphere. Net-a-porter and Valentino released digital versions of their collections.

Ted Baker’s world will allow players to access in-game photo opportunities as well as a QR code which allows for a greater discovery of the campaign.

The island can be accessed by users who have a special Animal Crossing dream code.

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