Halloween is almost here. But don’t panic if you need last-minute costumes. The witch is one of our favourite spooky costumes. You still have time. You can do anything from a cartoon to a modern version in minutes. But what about the makeup? Do not worry, little witches! Scroll on for all the product inspiration. What’s the best part? This collection includes vampy black lipsticks, smokey eye shadows, dramatic black liner and falsies that you can wear with or without costume.

Black Lipstick

What beauty product is capable of putting a witch’s costume together? Of course, black lipstick. Although the color is not something most people would wear every day, Halloween is a great excuse to experiment with it. There are many black lipsticks available, from the Hocus Popcus/ColourPop collaboration to the luxurious Gucci bullet.

Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

Although a witchy look doesn’t have to be limited to one color palette, it is best to go dark and sultry with a smoky eyes. There are many options for aesthetics, including bright and colorful palettes or warm and neutral ones. To make your Halloween extra scary, you can smudge.

Black Eyeliner

No matter what season, who doesn’t love a classic, solid black liner? Black liners can be used with any swing, whether it’s a liquid cat wings or a rock-star smoke.

Purple Blush

No matter if you prefer a bright or dark purple, Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with bold blushes. You can create a witchy look using any color blush, but purple adds an extra flair. Yes, we think so!

False Lashes

Falsies can be fun all year, just like black liner. But, we think the bolder the lashes, the better. These lashes can be added to any witchy makeup, whether it’s high-end or low-end.

woman with black lipstick and red lipstick

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