We live in an era of clean skin care. Honestly, there are almost too many brands vying for our attention via enticing Instagram ads, elevated packaging, and formulas that promise life-changing results. It can be difficult to decide what is worth your time and what is just a quick fix. One startup that’s actually setting itself apart (and popping up on shelves at stores like Madewell and Ulta Beauty) is Blume.

Blume was founded by Taran Ghatrora and Bunny Ghatrora. It simplifies everything, from period care to acne. Blume’s diverse product offering is not the only thing that makes it stand out. Young people are encouraged to be themselves through campaign imagery and messaging. In lieu of outdated maxims holding perfect, poreless skin as the unattainable ideal, Blume encourages a gentle approach to addressing breakouts with a focus on skin health.To that end, Blume’s skincare products are a tightly-edited bunch that spans an acne-friendly face oil to leave your skin gleaming to an aluminum-free deodorant with Gigi Hadid’s stamp of approval. The rest of the range reflects a 360deg approach towards wellness. Organic tampons, pads and conversation cards offer low-cost access to high quality menstrual products. A gratitude notepad promotes mindfulness and daily self-care. The Toronto-based startup donates a portion from every sale to Days For Girls. This organization provides menstrual education in more than 144 countries around the world.

Blume Superpower Clay Mask $34

Blume’s newest product, this pink clay mask is perfect to remove excess oil and dirt.

Blume Meltdown Acne Oil $28

Face oils can be used to treat acne-prone skin. This oil is non-comedogenic and can be used as a spot treatment, or mixed with a moisturizer.

Blume Daydreamer Facewash, $16

This cream cleanser is lightweight and won’t irritate sensitive or dry skin. Instead, it gently removes impurities to give you clean, healthy skin.

Blume Whirl Moisturizer $34

For the most radiant skin, apply a rich, hydrating blend of aloe, hyaluronic and licorice root extract to your skin.

Blume Hug Me Probiotic deodorant, $14

Show bad odor the door with this natural deodorant stick filled with probiotics, coconut and jojoba oils to nourish skin while actually doing its protective work.

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