Estee Lauder joined the International Space Station’s National Laboratory Sustainability Challenge: Beyond Plastics as an exclusive partner.

Estee Lauder will fund the awarded proposals as part of its commitment support research to promote sustainable packaging innovation. The ISS National Lab Sustainability Challenge aims at bringing together innovators in order to address plastic waste and improve the environment.

The brand also pledged to reduce its use of virgin plastics and other non-recyclable plastics. It promised that 75 to 100 percent of its packaging would be recyclable, refillable or recycled by 2025.

The ISS National Lab Sustainability Challenge offers an opportunity to innovators to present an idea for a “whole-of life design approach to virgin polymers production through sustainable feedstocks, or the biodegrading and upcycling end-of–life polymers.”

The most promising applicants will be invited to submit a detailed video explaining their idea.

The Sustainability Challenge aims to create or test products and processes that address various plastic reduction goals. This research seeks to find new ways to produce more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective plastic or biopolymer options.

Stephane de la Faverie, global brand president of Estee Lauder and Aerin and group president, Estee Lauder Companies said, “We are proud that we are the exclusive partner in the ISS National Lab Sustainability Challenge, we are thrilled to be part in an initiative that could truly transform our brand.”

A panel of experts will judge the submitted proposals. The finalists’ recorded presentations at the Sustainability Challenge event at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will be shown on March 19, 2022. Global viewers can stream the event live.

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