Natural deodorants were once only available in specialized health food stores. Nowadays, you can readily find aluminum-free formulas at the most luxurious beauty boutiques. More people are switching to aluminum-free products, whether it is for health reasons or to prevent the yellowing of aluminum on their clothes. Some people aren’t so sure. Some people are reluctant to part with their antiperspirant white tubes. I have been using natural deo for years, and it is amazing. It’s also way more pleasant than you might think.

However, throw in an unconventional formula (like a cream or paste) and things can really get wild. I’ve just about tried it all at this point, so when clean deo brand Type:A offered to send me some tubes to sample, I was extremely game. I consider myself a bit of a clean-deo connoisseur. Follow along as I go up close and personal to my pits.

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First Impressions

Type:A isn’t like most deodorants I’ve tried. The rigid exterior of the deodorant is gone in favor a soft, squeezy tube. Also, the cream dispensing mechanism is a major improvement over solid formulas that you might have used since your teens. Strangely, I didn’t feel any difference in the way it felt when I applied the cream.

Two tubes were sent to me for review. The original formula in The Adventurer smells fresh and piney. The second formula was a charcoal-infused formula in The Adventurer, which smells like fresh rain and spirulina. Bergamot – this one smelled more like a great cleaning product (this is a compliment). However, if this doesn’t suit your taste, you have plenty of options. These range from floral to gourmand to unscented.

To start, I chose the non-charcoal formula. The cream formulas, which go on clear, don’t have the potential to stain dark clothes. Another benefit is the cream formula’s quick absorption and the ease-of-use applicator that allows for precise product application.

It’s not a bad idea to apply a cream product on your pits. This deodorant is one of my favorite, and thanks to the soothing ingredients such as organic aloe vera and glycerin, it’s also one of my most comfortable. I’ve been having my underarms shaved for years, and can see how the hydrating formula would be beneficial for sensitive skin.

I haven’t noticed any B.O. during my day. Enter the chat. Yes, I was slightly moist after my fourth walk with my dog, but nothing unusual for me. It performs better than any natural stick deodorants that I have tried. It works, regardless of whether it’s Type:A’s cream formula or how the cream is applied. After about a week, I switched to the charcoal-infused formulation to see if it had a better performance. The cream’s texture was a bit dryer to the touch and it did a better job of absorbing moisture than the previous one. It’s supposed to be more effective in odor detection, but I didn’t experience any weird smells.

The charcoal-infused deo is a great option if you are new to natural deos and are worried about the odor and wetness. It comes in two scents currently. The original formula is great if your body is used to aluminum-free formulas, or you are sensitive to charcoal.

Last Thoughts

Although I am definitely a sweaty person. I don’t mind some sweat as long as it doesn’t make me smell bad. The thought of aluminum clogging up my glands is not something I like. Natural deodorants are effective in keeping unpleasant smells away. I feel great about making healthy choices for my body. Natural deodorants can be difficult to apply onto your pits, or may have chalky or flaky formulas. Although Type:A’s cream formula is not what you would find on the shelves, it manages to avoid common natural pitfalls thanks to its spreadable, smooth formula. Type:A is the perfect choice for natural deo converts who have been hesitant to switch. With the colder weather approaching, this is the ideal time to switch to natural deodorant. After all, it’s hot and humid in summer. Typ:A’s deo costs around $10 per tube and is an affordable way to improve your personal care routine.

If you want to try out the stuff for yourself, Type:A can be found on Amazon, at Credo and Target.

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