We know that sneakers dominate the resale marketplace. But which brands and styles are most popular, and what is the best return on your original investment? Money.co.uk, a London-based price comparator site, has released a new study that uses data from Stock X to find out the results. It used the average price premium change to determine the performance of specific products and colors.

Just Do it – Nike is the best brand to invest in sneakers. It will bring you the highest profit on resale. Its sub-brand Jordan is the best selling sneaker. The original Air Jordan was created for Michael Jordan.

However, Jordans can be sold for much more than the average premium. The Jordan 1 OG Chicago, which was launched in 1985 at 47 USD, sold last for 14,587 dollars. This is a huge increase of 30669 percent.

black white and red nike high top sneaker

Nike sneakers best investment for resale

Nike’s sneakers are second with a price premium of 305 per cent. Nike, an Oregon-based footwear and athletic apparel manufacturer, is a great investment option. However, the study found that limited-edition sneakers can be sold for prices much higher than their average price premium. The Nike Dunk High Pro SB Supreme Blue Stars with a retail value of 55 USD have been sold at 7,294 dollars. This is a 13233 percent return on investment.

Vans take the third spot, with an average price premium of 221.8 percent. However, the study also shows that brand partnerships are big money-makers. Vans and Fear of God collaborated to create the Vans Era95 DX Fear of God Black trainer, originally priced at 65 dollars. The item is now worth a 1339% increase on investment and sells for 945 dollars. ASICS is number 4, with a price increase of 62 percent, while Yeezy sneakers rank fifth at 170.6 percent. The top ten include New Balance, Converse and Reebok as well as Adidas and Puma.

Resale of black sneakers is a great opportunity to get the best deal

The color of your sneakers also plays a role in its resale value and investment value. A Money.co.uk study revealed that black sneakers have the highest return at 614.8%, while pink sneakers offer a mere 100.20 percent. With a return of 558 per cent, white sneakers are the most desired color. Red shoes come in third with a return on investment of 503 per cent. The top five most successful sneaker colors at resale are blue and grey.

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