Fashion month for the SS22 season has ended. There were many fashion trends that you could see on the catwalks and in street style during the fashion weeks. There were many trendy looks on the streets from Berlin to New York. Here are the hottest street styles of the fashion weeks.

Floral coats

Even though the weather was unpredictable, Paris and Milan were able to accommodate their fashion-conscious ladies. A floral coat isn’t just a floral one. There are many options available, from brightly coloured coats in lighter fabrics to more plain coats with darker leather and accents of light colours. Accessory matching accessories such as necklaces and sunglasses, or masks in different colours complete the look.

This trend was also visible on the catwalks for the SS22 season. Valentino wore a dark floor-length coat while Giambattista Valli showed a more body-hugging, single-breasted coat in pinks and reds. Isabel Marant was sporting a sporty version with an hood.

close-up photography of woman wearing hoodie

Rock on: band T-Shirts

T-shirts featuring favourite bands and artists will not go out of fashion, as long as there are music and concerts. T-shirts that were in fashion during the 1990s and 2000s were the most popular at the fashion weeks. The colours of the pieces varied depending on who was wearing them, what genre they were from and their personal tastes. The band t-shirts were used as the basis for outfits. Rock-inspired looks were created using leather jackets, fringes, rhinestones, and studs.

his trend was chosen by Dolce & Gabbana, Zadig & Voltaire, and Raf Simons. J.Lo, aka Jennifer Lopez, was presented on a tank top embellished with rhinestones by the Italian designer duo. Zadig & Voltaire embarking on a world tour called “Love now” in 2022. And Raf Simons well-known for his explorations into subcultures, puts the tour shirts on blazers and shorts.

Leather jackets with fringes

Fringed leather jackets add a touch of rock’n’roll. Modern versions aren’t limited to black. They can also be accented with colour, such as beige or strong green. The look will bring back memories of Route 66 and the Wild West with matching leather trousers or studs. The outfit can be dressed up with casual sunglasses or leather gloves.

Balenciaga placed the fringes on sleeves of a black leather jacket with additional detailing like lacing and double zippers. Chloe used single strings to hang from a white coat with a long waistcoat. Salvatore Ferragamo concealed the fringes in the jacket for a men’s look.

woman wearing brown jacket with fringe holding hat during daytime

Bustiers and corsets

Corsets, and even underwear such as bustiers, are not just for wearing underneath. Wearers can show off their unique looks, whether they are wearing it as a top alone or layered over casual shirts. Wearers can play with the silhouette by wearing close-fitting pieces, particularly when paired with other garments. Everything is possible with lingerie, from monochrome dark versions to transparent options featuring embroidered flowers.

Moschino showcased a range of vibrant bustiers, paired with a matching skirt and jacket two-piece. Andreas Kronthaler incorporated a corset in a wide-flare wedding dress for Vivienne Westwood. Kim Shui highlighted the waist with a purple corset and a silky rose print blouse.

Cropped blazers

All fashion lovers love long blazers. Cropped jackets that end just below the chest are the exact opposite. This trend allows for a wide range of styling options. It remains to be seen how far the trousers, skirts, and shorts can stretch and how much skin it shows off.

Milanese wearers chose to have two-piece sets, with matching blazers and matching trousers or a blazer and matching top and matching trousers. New York featured a sporty version, with shorts and a blazer.

Balmain offered a wide-cut version with bike shorts. Schiaparelli paired a similar silhouette and floor-length trousers with a similar silhouette. Christian Cowan and Alberta Ferretti opted for a two piece jacket and skirt combination.

Pattern trend: chequerboard patterns

The Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit”, which is a Netflix original, encourages viewers to not only play but also “wear chess”. Jumpsuits, trousers and jackets can all be found with square patterns. Accessories, too, can also be made from these square patterns. There are many options for this pattern, which allows for a variety of styles. The trend can be used in a variety of ways, including casual-chic with sandals and casual-chic with blazer and shirt or cardigan combinations.

woman in blue jacket and black and white pants sitting on black and yellow box

Contrary to traditional chess, women in New York, Stockholm and Berlin did not choose black, but opted for colorful combinations. It is very popular to play with contrasts, as seen in tablecloths or dirndls.

Brandon Maxwell, however, displayed a mix of jacket, skirt, and bikini on the runway. The chequerboard pattern blurred into spirals while the bikini was made from a combination of jacket and skirt. Carolina Herrera used a glossy look with red tones as the label. Christian Cowan displayed crop tops in large-scale green and purple shapes.

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