Coziness and comfort. It’s not surprising that people value comfort clothes more in post-pandemic times, even if they are stuck at home and spend hours on video calls. Think about Zoom outfits, formal shirts and pajamas, as well as a pair of soft slippers, knee socks, and pajama pantyhose. What will it mean for fashion trends? You may be looking to start your own clothing line, or if you are a designer, there will likely be some fashion challenges after the pandemic. You don’t have to be uncomfortable to be professional.

Remember March 2020, when bedrooms were transformed into classrooms, playrooms, and home offices out of nowhere? It was not easy, but it was hard. It might be more difficult to adapt back after it’s done. Help your customers get to know the latest trends by providing them with simple, comfortable clothing.

It’s time to go back to work. A suit is essential. Why not create an elegant collection of high-quality shirts made from natural materials that don’t restrict air circulation? Many of us don’t like the idea of replacing our slippers with more expensive and restrictive shoes. We look for alternatives that do not compromise comfort. It’s great to match them with organic cotton socks. Your clients will appreciate the personal touch of your accessories.

Comfortable cotton scarf reminding of blanket quarantining Perfect. KABAK winter beanie you could have worn all through the pandemic. Even better. These accessories can be paired with simple, elegant outfits.

Stockists need to remember that 2022 marks a year of self-love and gratitude. These values should be captured in your product and offered to your customer as a piece home and comfort, while they try to adjust to post-pandemic realities.

It’s your time to shine!

Walking for the first time in your life won’t be the highlight. The 2022 fashion trends were impacted by boredom and grey routines. This led to optimism and a love for bright colors. It’s time to have a glitter party! It’s time to shine! You can stock your store with glittery and shiny accessories by understanding the trends. KABAK is doing a great job in this area. There are many options!

It’s important to be the queen of the party in 2022 without having to put too much effort. You won’t feel like breaking rule #1 if you wear shiny shoes or KABAK glitter socks.

For wholesalers and designers, here’s a tip: Try to find the right balance between cozy baggie clothes or bright accessories that make you feel happy after so many years of quarantining and lockdown.

Sustainability is now a lifestyle

Yes. It took us all enough time to reflect on where the world was heading. In 2022, we are finally realizing that plastic is bad and recycling is good. If you want to be on the cutting edge of the latest trends, then follow sustainability ideas, less waste, more responsibility and greater consciousness. Be sure to research the best eco-friendly materials and be sure to assess the quality and durability of the products. What about recycled lumberjack’s beanies? These threads used to be part of jeans. Or organic cotton socks?

No matter where you are in the supply chain, whether you are a distributor, wholesaler or designer, think about sustainability and make the fashion industry better.

Your fashion choices may not be limited to choosing clothes you like in 2022. Support brands that will help you in the future by making your fashion choices.

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