Stella McCartney launched the “Future of Fashion” exhibit with Stella McCartney at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow as part of HRH Prince Charles Sustainable Markets Initiative at COP26.

This installation focuses on Stella McCartney’s natural-positive approach to fashion. It also highlights the brand’s use of next generation materials.

Bolt Threads’ Mylo unleather is made from mushrooms. These are the first ever vegan football boots.

All the pieces can be seen orbiting around a sculptured and living fungi display. This visually elaborates on the brand’s spring/summer 2022 catwalk.

Stella McCartney released a statement about her participation in the SMI. She said: “This is The Decisive Decade. If we don’t act decisively, then we know the consequences. Every minute, a football pitch disappears from Amazon. 80 percent of this area is used for animal agriculture. Veganism is the future of fashion and planet.”

“I hope that, by representing my industry and revealing current material innovations at COP26 I can inspire action from the private sector and government leaders to drive more nature-positive investment and incentives. It would be a disservice to future generations as well as those already affected by climate change’s worst effects. We have a chance, and I don’t believe in waste.”

The exhibit’s vision aligns with SMI’s Terra Carta Charter, which gives businesses a roadmap to achieve an ambitious and sustainable future by 2030. It combines the resources of the Earth as well as the private sector.

McCartney will also use COP26 to invite delegates to sign a pledge not to use animal fur and leather in fashion, which McCartney claims are damaging to the climate.

The exhibit ‘Future of Fashion: A conversation with Stella McCartney’ will be open from November 3 through 5, and then will be reactivated on November 8-9 for students and next-generation activists. The space hosts discussions by youth climate leaders, The Great Campaign, and the British Fashion Council (BFC).

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