Primark sees a future where supply chain woes will be a problem, even though trading has returned to pre-Covid levels.

According to the fast fashion giant, disruptions to global supply chains will continue well into 2023. The company prioritizes seasonal items.

George Weston, Primark’s chief executive, stated to the BBC that Primark stores would be fully stocked for Christmas. He said, “We don’t see any crisis emerging as we look ahead – it just becomes more difficult.” He said that while basic T-shirts may not be in stock on a given day, they might be available the next day.

Primark is sticking to its trend of trendy comfortwear for the current season. It’s betting on the success of loungewear sales and the launch “snuddie”, a “snugglyoversized hoodie” that was made for those lazy days when even the most comfortable clothes don’t cut the mustard.

woman in black and white polka dot long sleeve shirt and pink pants

Primark stated to the BBC that the snuddie was receiving a strong response from customers in all markets. The best-selling versions include an avocado print for men, and a Minnie Mouse design (for children).

Primark does not have an online presence, unlike many high street retailers.

Primark will launch a new website in 2022. It will include more details about in-store product ranges and availability. Customers can “browse online before they visit our stores.”

Mr Weston stated that Primark had not yet made plans to offer home delivery for its products, despite its digital overhaul. He said, “We have never said never to click-and collect, but we are first and foremost bricks-and mortar retailers and will remain very profitable as such.”

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